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OverView59 Aerial Drone LLC






OverView59 Aerial Drone LLC of Dallas, Texas

A Professional Commercial Drone Service Business.  Partnership Established by Ronald & Stella Thomas

August 1, 2019

Our primary object is to offer our clients the best service in the Aerial Drone Industry.

Commercial Aviation Liability Insurance Coverage: $ 2 million


Ronald Thomas, Owner

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Pilot

License # 4322445 Federal Aviation Administration 2019/Renewed 2021

Certified Commercial Drone Pilot, (Pilot Institute 2019)

Certified Fundamentals Analyst-(Drone Deploy Academy 2020)

Flight Pilot Training

Getting Started with Drones in Construction

Piloting: Level 1 - Basics of Flight

Piloting: Level 2 - Successful Mapping

Piloting: Level 3 - Large Project Mapping

Processing: Level 1 - Uploading Data

Processing: Level 2 - Introduction to High Accuracy Mapping

Processing: Level 3 - Photogrammetry

Analysis: Level 1 - Exploring Maps & Models

Analysis: Level 2 - Analyzing & Exporting Map Data

Analysis: Level 3 - Machine Learning

Certified (cre) Commercial Real Estate Onboarding & Training-(Drone Base 2021)

Solar Inspection with Drones (Droneu 2020)

Solar Inspection with Drones – Preparation

Solar Inspection with Drones – Acquisition

Solar Inspection with Drones – Uploading Data

Drone Mapping: Shooting and Mapping Construction Sites (Droneu 2020) 


Shooting & Mapping Construction Sites - Introduction 

Shooting & Mapping Construction Sites - Pre-Flight Checklist 

Shooting & Mapping Construction Sites - Workflow 

Shooting & Mapping Construction Sites - Image Collection and Photo Log 

Shooting & Mapping Construction Sites - Automated Corner shots 

Shooting & Mapping Construction Sites - Time - Lapse 

Shooting & Mapping Construction Sites - Drone Deploy 

Shooting & Mapping Construction Sites - Picture Taking Caveats 

 A Drone Construction Progression Example - A Full Project (UDEMY 2022)


Stella Thomas, Owner

Chief Operating Officer, Business Operations

Pre-flight & Post-Production Consultant

Brandy Walker, Post-Production Assist.

 Crew Members

Visual Observer/Crew Lead

Equipment Lead

Ground Station Lead

Safety Operations Lead

Radio Communications Lead
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